Dynamic Advertising

Manchester Arndale

What did we do?

The first incarnation of Bidooh, allowed a screen to know who was walking towards it and be able to change the advert displayed in Real-Time. We were looking for a public place to pilot the solution, and partnered with the second busiest shopping centre in the UK, the Manchester Arndale to pilot the solution.

How did we do it?

We agreed we would be installing 4 Large 90 inch free standing Portrait screens inside the shopping centre which would allow its visitors to interact with he screens and see their own faces and personalised messages and recommended product and brand.

Results of the pilot

We worked with the Arndale to get brands and retailers engaged with the platform, so by the time we went live with the pilot we had 200 of the 265 retailers from the Arndale signed up.

The trial lasted 4 days and during this period we had 255 people experience the personalization and engage with the brands. Based on the trial we would have expected 2000 engagements in the first month, and 165,000 engagements by month 12!

The trial was a huge success for our platform, and allowed us to learn about how to engage with the consumer, the advertising platform, what the advertisers wanted. This data caused us to go into stealth mode on the new product, focussed on removing some of the barriers for users, to drive the growth in usage even higher.

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